Our latest community project is LLANDRINDANCE! 

During the months of April and May 2016 we encouraged the people of Llandrindod Wells to have an extra spring in their step as we tried to get the whole town dancing!

Called LLANDRINDANCE! the project had several strands including sessions at Cefnllys School and Ysgol Trefonnen and Let’s Llandrindance! events for families to dance together.  The project culminated in a celebration of dance called ‘May We (Llandrin)dance?’ a show at Powys Dance’s hub, the Dance Centre on 15th May.

The project had it's first outing in November 2015 where we held our first free family event, a quiz and disco afternoon for families. 

We enjoyed a fun afternoon dancing and socialising with our Llandrindod community, with lots of families voicing how they would like more activities that all the family can enjoy, and after a quick questionnaire, dance and music came out on top as ways to engage the community!

January saw us taking Llandrindance! into the two primary schools based in Llandrindod Wells, Trefonnen and Cefnllys School. 

In Trefonnen School we worked with the Year 2's on creating their own dance piece based on how they travel to school in the morning and what they see on their way. The children made their own soundtrack too, recording their voices and own sound effects to accompany their movement. They danced through their map of Llandrindod which they added to each week and they also choreographed their own Class Dance.

The Trefonnen map at Week 1, starting with where their house is.

The Trefonnen map at Week 1, starting with where their house is.


With Cefnllys School we worked with the juniors, Years 3 - 6, after school to create a street dance piece all about their school. The children themselves decided the theme of their routine and they were also at the fore front of deciding music and choreography. They learnt different styles of street dance and had a go at developing their own moves. We worked with digital media to record some of the routine in the school to then project when they performed live at our May 15th dance celebration.

Some of the ideas from the Cefnllys School group about what they want to dance about.

Some of the ideas from the Cefnllys School group about what they want to dance about.

We joined in  with the BBC Get Creative weekend, which encouraged people to get involved in something creative. We used this as a great opportunity to launch our family dance sessions, so on April 3rd we had our first afternoon of dance, discussion and play! The afternoon saw families share dance memories, dance together and get crafty creating a Llandrindance! map, which we used to plot more dances over the coming weekends. For more information and to find out how you can get involved with these sessions get in touch.

Now here's the really fun part,our 20 days of dance saw organisations and individuals submit dance videos of themselves to highlight a vibrant and dancing Llandrindod! We then released these videos every day throughout May.

We also created our own dance, 'The Llandrindance!' for people to copy and replicate!

For anyone wanting to learn the Llandrindance! then look no further.....

Here is The Llandrindance! Learn the routine and submit your version; llandrindance@dawnspowysdance.org Music: 'There ain't no other way' - By The Jingle Punks

And a little break down of those moves.....

Here is a break down of the moves for anyone learning the Llandrindance! Good Luck and Enjoy! Music: 'There ain't no other way' By Jingle Punks 'Sophomore Makeout' By Silent Partner