Back by popular demand this Summer in Welshpool, our iconic dance days!

There will be two opportunities to catch us at these eagerly anticipated dance days with local practitioner Bethan Smith, book your spot on either 31st July or 21st August, or come to both!



Beth has over 10 years experience of professional dance delivery in Powys, and beyond! Beth is a dance practitioner with a big heart, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to attend any of her sessions you’ll know her passion for community dance is second to none. She will support and encourage your children in class but also make them laugh and smile with her positive and fun attitude.

‘'I have seen the transformative power of dance with my own eyes and it excites me each and every day, I like to give my participants the same energy they give me, if they have been brave in class, I will be brave too, if they have made huge improvements, I will improve too, we work together, we become a team, you don’t just come to a class, you join a community and that’s what I love. The best thing about my job? The creativity! In one day I can go from doing Tango with my over 60’s to doing a Peter Rabbit dance with my 4 - 7 year olds! It’s honestly the best fun coming up with ideas to inspire and excite my participants, and seeing them grow in confidence and get over personal barriers it such a lovely reward, people are amazing and I am just so lucky to be a part of it all with them!’'