Rhigol - Dance in a Day!

On Tuesday 2nd August Beth will be taking over the COWSHACC in Welshpool for an exciting day of dance!

....But what IS Rhigol? And what do you do at a day of dance? Well, let us help de- mystify it all for you........

First and foremost, Dance in a Day is an exciting chance for your child to learn new moves and train their dance skills. Beth will teach some exciting choreography to teach to everyone that is not only fun and funky, but will help develop their dance knowledge It will aid them with skills to be creative with dance, enhance their dance ability, help with co- ordination, fitness, balance, it will give them confidence to think outside the box, make new friends and develop skills they didn't know they had - yup all in 1 DAY!

At Powys Dance, above everything we like to create fun experiences for children to get involved with, we like to aid their dance ability by having one of our professional dance practitioners guide them through moves, but mostly we like to aid them with the skills to get creative with their movement and to offer them that safe space to do so.

So our top 5 things you can expect your child to gain from just 1 day with Powys Dance is;

1. Creativity

2. Confidence

3. New Friends

4. Summer memories

5. Fun and Laughter

Don't delay to book your spot, £10 for the day, see below for more information and book online now!

Last time we were in Welshpool!

Summer Summer Summertime!

Summer Summer Summertime!

That's right folks, the Summer holidays are right around the corner and we are so thrilled to be launching our Summer programme! With workshops in Llandrindod, Brecon, Talgarth and Welshpool, we hope you'll find something to suit your little ones this Summer!

Animator Needed

Flying Atoms - the aliens

Flying Atoms - the aliens

Flying Atoms is an aerial dance and theatre production for 7 – 11 year olds and their families inspiring curiosity and wonder at the magic of physics.  After touring to schools in Powys in 2016, we are now off to Edinburgh this summer followed by a tour to venues and science festivals around the UK.  We are looking to work closely with an animator to create 3 x 2 minute animations that will be shown during the production via on-stage projections.  We would like you to animate two of our central characters (above). As visitors from another planet they will reflect on the action within the show to support science learning for our young audience.  We have a limited time frame. Ideally the animator would meet the team, see the set & costume & the show at rehearsals week beginning 3rd July (in Caersws, mid-Wales).  The animations need to be complete by 31st July.  Please send examples of your previous work, the number of days work you propose and your day rate to education@dawnspowysdance.org by Wednesday 28th June.

Ever wanted to take part in a professional dance performance?

Gwyn Emberton Dance

Gwyn Emberton Dance

In Gwyn Emberton's new show RAFT, five people, each with a different heritage and background, find themselves in a world far away from home, in a land they do not recognise, hearing a language they do not understand. As they realise their own otherness, against a backdrop of questionable politics, a half-hearted curiosity, and sincere compassion, the question about who they are is turned on its head.

Bringing together five of the company’s extraordinary dancers with a local cast, this powerful work combines searing choreography with a new soundtrack by sound artist Siôn Orgon, exquisite lighting by Aideen Malone (Bristol Old Vic/National Theatre) and surprising design by Becky Davies.

“Mesmerising and mercurial” – ASIW

“A standard-setter for Welsh dance” – Wales Arts Review

How can I be involved?

Gwyn Emberton Dance is looking for local people from age 14+, who might be interested in joining the company to perform their new work RAFT this autumn. Participants should be based in/around Aberystwyth, Newtown, Brecon, Llanelli, Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham, Caernarfon, Newport and Cardiff.

In exchange for a one day introductory workshop in September or October, participants will join the company on stage, as the local cast for the performance in their town/area.

What will happen at the workshop?

Participants will learn about the making of RAFT, and explore physical themes and ideas behind the work. They will also meet the rest of the local cast and members of the company.

What will happen at the performance?

The evening before the performance, the local cast will join the company on stage, learn what they will do in a rehearsal setting. The following afternoon/evening the local cast will join the company for a dress rehearsal and then the performance.

How do I sign up?

If you or your group are interested, please get in touch with Lara Ward at lara_ward@live.co.uk by or by phone on +44 7545 562524.


Teaser - https://vimeo.com/200649350

Strong volunteers needed!

Powys Dance and Everybody Dance are working together to bring aerial dance to Newtown.

We are moving into Ysgol Cedewain for a week-long aerial dance residency with people of all ages and abilities. 

We are looking for four strong people to help us with the rig on Sunday 18th June 1.00 - 2.30pm and Friday 23rd June 7.00 - 8.00pm.  We'd be ever so grateful for help with either or both rig sessions depending on your availability.  You can see the rig going up at https://youtu.be/4GD5oCWmKlY

Expenses paid plus a pair of free tickets to the performance on Friday at 6pm.

If you are willing to help us make this magical project happen, please call Powys Dance on 01597 824370 or email lauren@dawnspowysdance.org

The rig

Dancing in the South

We are just so thrilled to be back dancing in the South of Powys, and this time around we can't get over just how many people we have been able to reach through dance! 

We have the very dynamic Louise with us at Powys Dance, who has worked tirelessly to provide high quality dance provision in the South through partnership with 5X60 and many schools across Powys. Louise and a small group of wonderful dance practitioners have been delivering sessions since October last year, and it all just seems to be going from strength to strength, she comments:

The South Powys Dance Programme began in October 2016 with one class based at a High School on a Monday evening, but in a very short time the programme increased to 7 weekly sessions in 7 schools including Primary and Secondary.  The sessions involved over 600 children and young people each week and as this was so successful, Powys Dance applied to Sport Wales Community Chest fund to develop this work further into additional primary schools. Powys Dance has now more than doubled the provision of dance in schools to 19 sessions each week and these are delivered by highly trained professional dance freelancers.  3 new after school sessions are now set-up as a direct result of the dance in schools programme and all the young dancers are busy working towards their sharing of dance work that has been created this term.  There is also a boys dance group with 15 members who meet on a weekly basis at Brecon High School. Sessions are delivered through the medium of Welsh and English.  There are exciting plans ahead for South Powys so keep a look out for new and fun developments including our summer dance sharing in July!
A breakdown of how the South Powys Dance programme has developed.

A breakdown of how the South Powys Dance programme has developed.

Images from just some of dance sessions happening in and around Brecon!

As mentioned above, we now have 3 after school clubs running as a result of the school time sessions, see below for when and where they are taking place! 

If you would like any more information on these sessions please contact louise@dawnspowysdance.org

Dancing towards positive mental health

Our Ponthafren Dance Sessions begin this week and we couldn't be more pleased that they coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 

So we wanted to take this opportunity to really look at what an activity like dance could give you in terms of good mental health and well being by shining a spotlight on our new Ponthafren sessions and how they were set up. 

Michelle Longhurst is extremely passionate about bringing dance to Ponthafren, to compliment their already amazing outreach work, she tells us:

Exercise is a proven, effective way to improve mental health and wellbeing. This is set out in the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ an idea that is supported by the NHS. Exercise improves memory, relieves stress and boosts your mood overall. Dance is a way to introduce exercise but in a fun and social way (tackling another two steps in the 5 ways to wellbeing!)
Ponthafren itself encourages our members to exercise and get out as much as possible, however due to lack of facilities and funding we predominantly sign post on. Working with Powys Dance means we can help facilitate an exciting new project with a respected, known company.
Participation can be difficult and engagement is hard, this is something that seems to be a common theme so encouragement, support and exciting new ideas help.
Last year our administrator received an email from Powys Dance, looking to speak to someone about potentially starting a new project lining in with a local mental health charity. I jumped on the idea and contacted Helen straight away as dance is something I personally find very rewarding and it has given me so much in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.
I am so excited about starting this project and I look forward to welcoming new potential members and seeing what they will gain from the classes.
— Michelle Longhurst
5 Ways to Well Being

5 Ways to Well Being

If you're fancying a new challenge that is supportive and fun then why not drop into our first session this Thursday! Our dance leaders are positive, friendly and really listen to what the group needs and wants, come and join in and feel good!

Dancing past the big 5-Oh!

Did anyone else see this research last week? It takes a look at movement and physical activity for the over 50's as a way of keeping not just our bodies healthy and happy but for overall general health and well- being.

Senior Moment(um) our over 50's dance class in Llandrindod Wells.

Senior Moment(um) our over 50's dance class in Llandrindod Wells.

We've all seen it before, we know that different types of physical activity can help keep us healthy well into our older years but what really talks to us in this article is how the different aspects of physical activity can improve different areas of health. 

This is an area of our work we are extremely passionate about shouting from the rooftops, that dance is so much more than just a physical experience - don't get us wrong it is an exciting physical experience, but the other benefits are endless!

Just some benefits of dance

Just some benefits of dance

Below is information regarding a brand new dance session for health and well- being in partnership with Ponthafren in Welshpool and some information for our flagship over 50's dance groups, we have one in the North of Powys and one in the South, always warm and welcoming to newcomers, whether you've had plenty of dance experience or none. As you've seen above, you can get so much from these dance sessions and it is so much more than what you think, so why not pop along to meet the groups and dance leaders, your new social group is just waiting to meet you!





CASGLIAD 2017 - inspiring youth arts conference comes to Powys!

We've recently become members of Youth Arts Network Cymru, or YANC as its called for short and are already feeling the benefit of being plugged in to an energising network of youth arts practitioners and organisations in Wales, so imagine our delight when they announced they would be holding their next youth arts conference in Llandrindod, on Saturday 13th May!

Casgliad 2017 welcomes youth arts practitioners of any artform, as well as emerging artists, students and anyone interested in youth arts to come and explore the sector in Wales.  The day will include Open Space forum discussing the hot issues for youth practitioners; key note speech from Marc Jaffrey OBE on change, creativity and education and amazing practical workshops from the likes of CONEY

The day concludes with a Eurovision themed party at our venue own Dance Centre! 

To book your tickets (and join this vibrant network) go to www.yanc.co.uk