"We live in a wonderland"

Flying Atoms Performance

Flying Atoms Performance

“We live in a wonderland”

This was the response of a year 4 student who saw Flying Atoms land in their school last summer. During British Science Week we want to reflect on Powys Dance’s production and give you an insight into what the Flying Atoms team have been up to since.

Flying Atoms is an aerial dance and theatre show that enables 7 – 11 year olds explore the wonderful world of physics. Over 1,000 children saw the show and took part in our workshops. High flying tricks and exciting experiments allowed the audience to see science in action: forces at work, atoms and states of matter. We were amazed to learn through evaluations that after the show, 89% of audience members could identify a specific learning outcome.

In our last update we told you the team had been talking to lots of potential partners to find ways for Flying Atoms to reach more children and families. We have been so inspired by the interest shown that we are currently planning and fundraising for a tour to London and the South East in October this year. It’s a really exciting mix of arts and non-arts venues: science communication organisations, universities and schools.

We are looking for just a couple more host organisations/venues to partner with. If you know of an organisation or school in that area who might be interested, please introduce us!