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Curious, confident and creative!

We are so excited to be back working with Sennybridge Primary School on a new project enabling learners to explore the questions they have about the world around them through dance, drama and poetry. Each week every class spends time with our three artists actively thinking about the questions they created the week before.

The aim of the project is for learners to be more curious, to be confident in their own knowledge and for them to have the skills and tools they need to find answers to the questions they have. We believe that we are all (children, artists & teachers) learners, artists and scientists therefore we aim for the adults involved to have time to explore their own creativity, share practice and be inspired by the children’s curiosity and explorations.

Why do leaves fall_.png

So how does this actually work? In week one the question was ‘Why do leaves fall?’ This led to discussions about the seasons, life cycles and habitats. To give an insight into the project, here’s an example of a warm up activity that the artists facilitated. All the children stand in a circle and there’s a small box with lots of photos of leaves, trees and blossom. A learner puts in their hand and chooses one at random. They respond to the photo with a movement and everyone copies. Several do this and then all the movements are linked together. Another example, is in small groups children are given a season each, they produce a mind map of everything they can think of related to that season. They bring those words and phrases together into sentences and produce their first instant poems.

During the feedback of each exercise, the artists are able to bring together the learning and further this by asking more questions. Children answer with both facts and imaginings. All are validated however we do introduce the vocabulary of facts, beliefs and opinions which is an important part of the KS2 science curriculum.

We’ll sign off with some of the interesting questions the children have suggested for next week’s explorations!

We are looking to appoint an artist to support the children to create an installation that will communicate the questions collected over the course of the project. The work will be displayed at Theatr Brycheiniog on 5th & 6th April then travel to Imperial College London for display at the end of June.

This project has been made possible with funding from Arts Council Wales!


Kayleigh's visit to the NDTA Conference 2013: 'Moving On: A New Era for Dance in the School Curriculum'

On the 23rd of November, Kayleigh our Welsh Language Apprentice Dance Practitioner travelled up to London to attend the annual National Dance Teachers Association Conference. Here’s what she had to say about the day…  Up bright and early on a fresh and frosty London morning, I couldn’t wait to spend the day in the ever fascinating Laban building, attending workshops and talks, gaining more knowledge in a field I’m keen to progress and pursue post Powys Dance apprenticeship.  Morning class was up first, fast paced contemporary! It was a highly refreshing class with clarity and precision both in structure and delivery. Also used were some great examples of music choices that can help accentuate the purpose of particular exercises. Fast paced it most definitely was, before I knew it the hour and half had flown by.  Now that I was all limbered up and feeling energized I was ready for the day ahead.   

With the NDTA Celebrating its 25th Birthday it would have been easy for the conference to look back on its success, however, the focus was aimed at looking toward the future and how dance can continue to thrive in education.   Due to the changes to the national curriculum, through keynote presentations, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of what implementations can be made to adhere to these curriculum changes for best practice in dance education. A particular highlight was guest speaker Geoff Barton, head teacher at King Edward VI School, Suffolk.  His passionate speech about the central importance he places on dance in schools left all attendees inspired about the possibilities of what we can deliver as teachers, artists and thinkers. Where so much of education is seen to be measured almost robotically by following criteria, assessment and examination, the importance of encouraging an enriching, creative and imaginative experience within schools is being underrated and more importantly, undervalued.  Despite his enthusiasm and positivity, Barton did not ignore the issues surrounding dance on the curriculum either. Needless to say, Michael Gove’s name cropped up once or twice. With the constant challenges and questions that dance continues to face to prove its purpose and worth, there was one quote mentioned within the speech that stood out and resonated through and above all else, reminding us that even in times of difficulty, where there is hope there is faith. “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars”  

After lunch it was time to get back into the studio for a class with Hofesh Shechter company dancer Chris Evans. It was a personal pleasure to have the opportunity to learn professional repertoire from Uprising (2006) and Political Mother (2010). I took away some complex exercises and phrases that will most definitely challenge the pre-vocational youth age range. In addition, hopefully it will give them a taste of a very particular style of movement that is so established within contemporary dance today.  It was time for seminar number 2 and on the agenda was ‘Teaching an 'outstanding' dance lesson using Ofsted inspection criteria.’ Presented by Judy Evans (Chair NDTA) and Sue Trottman (Dance Education Consultant) it was a highly interesting insight into the main features of what is considered as outstanding dance practice and also provided the tools to improve the quality of teaching and overall effectiveness of dance in schools.  

Finally, to end such a non-stop day was an inspiring performance of young people’s dance from around the London area. Four very different groups sharing one main commonality: their passion and enjoyment for dance. The level of commitment and dedication that the groups put into the performance was clear, not to mention the outstanding work on behalf of the teachers also.

Overall the day was both wonderful and insightful. I most definitely learnt a lot of new information which can be put into practise within my current position at Powys Dance. I look forward to starting 2014 with a fresh outlook on my teaching skills and the continued development of myself as a dance practitioner.   For more information or to become a member of the NDTA visit  

Prentisiaeth Ymarferydd Dawns Cymunedol Iaith Gymraeg / Community Dance Practitioner Apprenticeship, Welsh Language

Prentisiaeth Ymarferydd Dawns Cymunedol Iaith Gymraeg   Swydd llawn amser, cyflog £12,145 y flwyddyn

Cytundeb blwyddyn, yn dechrau Medi 2013 wedi’i ariannu gan Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru  

Cwmni dawns proffesiynol addysgol a chymunedol yw Dawns Powys sydd wedi’i leoli yng nghalon Canolbarth Cymru wledig.  Mae ein tîm craidd o bedwar Ymarferydd Datblygu Dawns yn cyflwyno rhaglen o ddosbarthiadau cymunedol, perfformiadau addysgol a gweithdai, hyfforddiant i athrawon a phrosiectau creadigol ar draws sir eang Powys sy’n brin ei phoblogaeth.  Rydym yn gweithio trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, Saesneg ac yn ddwyieithog. 

Ar hyn o bryd, rydym yn chwilio am brentis ymarferydd dawns llawn amser.  Bydd y brentisiaeth yn rhoi’r cyfle i chi ddatblygu eich sgiliau yn y gweithle wrth i chi gysgodi ein hymarferwyr dawns, yn ogystal â datblygu eich arferion eich hunan a’ch paratoi ar gyfer eich gyrfa ar ôl i chi gwblhau eich prentisiaeth. 

I fod yn gymwys i wneud cais bydd angen eich bod :

  • Newydd raddio mewn dawns (neu faes tebyg)
  • Yn siaradwr Cymraeg rhugl
  • Yn yrrwr
  • Yn angerddol am ddawns gymunedol

Os hoffech chi gael rhagor o fanylion neu i gael sgwrs anffurfiol cysylltwch ag Amanda Griffkin (Rheolwr) ar 01597 824370, neu anfonwch e-bost at

I wneud cais ewch i (bydd y swydd yn cael ei hysbysebu ar y safle o 2 Mai 2013; y dyddiad cau ar gyfer y swydd yw 31 Mai 2013).



 Community Dance Practitioner Apprenticeship, Welsh Language  

Full time post, salary £12,145pa

One year contract, commencing September 2013 funded by Arts Council of Wales.  

Powys Dance is a professional community and educational dance company based in the heart of rural mid Wales. Our core team of four Dance Development Practitioners deliver a programme of community classes, educational performances and workshops, teacher training and creative projects across the large yet sparsely populated county of Powys. We work through the medium of Welsh, English and bilingually. 

We are currently seeking a full time apprentice dance practitioner. The apprenticeship will allow you to develop your skills in the workplace as you shadow our dance practitioners, as well as developing your own practice and preparing you for your career post-apprenticeship. 

To be eligible to apply you need to be:

  • A recent graduate (or equivalent) in dance
  • A fluent Welsh speaker
  • A driver
  • Passionate about community dance practice

For further information or an informal chat please contact Amanda Griffkin (Manager) on 01597 824370, or e-mail 

To apply please visit

(the position will be advertised on the site from 2nd May 2013; closing date 31st May 2013).