Strong volunteers needed!

Powys Dance and Everybody Dance are working together to bring aerial dance to Newtown.

We are moving into Ysgol Cedewain for a week-long aerial dance residency with people of all ages and abilities. 

We are looking for four strong people to help us with the rig on Sunday 18th June 1.00 - 2.30pm and Friday 23rd June 7.00 - 8.00pm.  We'd be ever so grateful for help with either or both rig sessions depending on your availability.  You can see the rig going up at

Expenses paid plus a pair of free tickets to the performance on Friday at 6pm.

If you are willing to help us make this magical project happen, please call Powys Dance on 01597 824370 or email

The rig

National Dance Company Wales @ The Hafren: Class + Performance

We've been getting to know the lovely team at National Dance Company Wales, and have been talking to them about some of the issues around dance development in rural mid Wales such as how do you maintain your body and your practice?  If you're based in Cardiff you can attend Groundwork Pro classes and network regularly with other dancers.  It's more difficult here where you might be 40+ miles from the nearest performance venue.  

So when NDCW offered to deliver a professional class when visiting the Hafren in Newtown we began biting their hand off! But their amazing offer doesn't end there - the deal is you get a two hour professional class plus a ticket for their new show FOLK, all for just £6! Just quote POWYS DANCE SPECIAL when calling the Hafren on 01686 614555. 

Dahl Dances despite drizzle!

Let the dancing commence!

Let the dancing commence!

It was a joy to kick off our family dance project, DAHL DANCES today in mizzly drizzly Newtown.  Sadly, three of our participant families had emailed in sick, but we're hoping they recover later in the week and join the fun! 

Sean warmed us up with some games and then we had a go drawing our favourite Dahl images from his stories.  This meant we got the chance to doodle Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry! 

We then began to create some moves in our family groups, led by the youngest family members, who then did a great job of teaching the other participants the moves. 

With plenty of breaks for sandwiches, it was an easy-going creative morning. 

As we're in Powys, we do have a plan B if the weather is truly awful, which is to escape to a nearby church hall.  However on Monday afternoons the Newtown Sequence Dance group have a tea dance there.  We decided to go along and see what moves we could pick up! 

Sean King learning to sequence dance. 

Sean King learning to sequence dance. 

It was a fast paced first hour with lessons in the Sirrocco Rumba, White City Waltz and the Melody Foxtrot (aren't the names wonderfully evocative?). 

Check out this move!

Check out this move!

We invited the group to come along to our sharing event at the Park outside Oriel Davies on Friday to show some of their dances. 

The group meets every Monday, 1pm to 4pm at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall and is £2 for an hour's lesson and a social dance, including a much needed mid way tea and biscuit. 

As for the Dahl Dances gang, tomorrow morning we're aiming to make some masks and other props, with some dancing in the afternoon.  It's not to late to join us!  We meet at 10am at Oriel Davies, or if you arrive later, just ask at the reception desk for details of where we are.  Dahl Dances is free, but adults, you must come with a child and vice versa - this is a something to do as a family.  We hope to see you there! 





Can we dance Dahl?

Just back from a meeting with the lead dance artist on our Dahl Dances family summer school in the Oriel Davies park, Newtown.  It was thrilling to see check the park out, and discover some great nooks and crannies for dancing fun! 

When we ask people what they'd like to us to do, they mostly say "things that we can do as a family, that are cheap and free!" - so hear it is, a week long dance project, outdoors, that you can do with all the family; that is indeed, FREE!

We've very pleased to be welcoming Sean to Powys - he shares with us a passion for collaborating with participants to make a unique creative works.  We're hoping that by the end of the week we'll have created some sort of performance in the park. 

We're also glad to be partnering Oriel Davies on this project, and during the summer, their own art workshops will be making masks and props for our performance.  We cannot wait!  If you think you'd like to join us for the week beginning Monday 22nd August, then find out more and book online here

Lead artist, Sean King. 

Lead artist, Sean King. 



Hafren Summer School with Gwyn Emberton

We're just finalising our own summer programme, but in the meantime, and happening soon is Theatr Hafren's dance summer school for young people.  This should be amazing, because Gwyn is amazing, and at DPD HQ we've gone overboard with the wrinkle cream in a bid to pass for 19 so we can go ourselves! Powys youth dancers - -this is such a great opportunity.  Book now!