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Curious, confident and creative!

We are so excited to be back working with Sennybridge Primary School on a new project enabling learners to explore the questions they have about the world around them through dance, drama and poetry. Each week every class spends time with our three artists actively thinking about the questions they created the week before.

The aim of the project is for learners to be more curious, to be confident in their own knowledge and for them to have the skills and tools they need to find answers to the questions they have. We believe that we are all (children, artists & teachers) learners, artists and scientists therefore we aim for the adults involved to have time to explore their own creativity, share practice and be inspired by the children’s curiosity and explorations.

Why do leaves fall_.png

So how does this actually work? In week one the question was ‘Why do leaves fall?’ This led to discussions about the seasons, life cycles and habitats. To give an insight into the project, here’s an example of a warm up activity that the artists facilitated. All the children stand in a circle and there’s a small box with lots of photos of leaves, trees and blossom. A learner puts in their hand and chooses one at random. They respond to the photo with a movement and everyone copies. Several do this and then all the movements are linked together. Another example, is in small groups children are given a season each, they produce a mind map of everything they can think of related to that season. They bring those words and phrases together into sentences and produce their first instant poems.

During the feedback of each exercise, the artists are able to bring together the learning and further this by asking more questions. Children answer with both facts and imaginings. All are validated however we do introduce the vocabulary of facts, beliefs and opinions which is an important part of the KS2 science curriculum.

We’ll sign off with some of the interesting questions the children have suggested for next week’s explorations!

We are looking to appoint an artist to support the children to create an installation that will communicate the questions collected over the course of the project. The work will be displayed at Theatr Brycheiniog on 5th & 6th April then travel to Imperial College London for display at the end of June.

This project has been made possible with funding from Arts Council Wales!


A Very Merry Christmas To You

Powys Dance would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We've had a wonderful year filled to the absolute brim with all things dance! There's been performances, workshops, CPD opportunities, classes, taster workshops, mentoring and a tour!

We would like to thank you all for being part of it, whether you're a participant, audience, parent/ carer, partner, funder, contributor, collaborator, liker, sharer, mover or shaker, it's you that makes everything worthwhile! 

We're looking forward to 2019 where Powys Dance will celebrate it's 40th birthday, we're planning some birthday events throughout the year as well as more opportunities to get people dancing in whatever way they want to!

All Powys Dance classes will start back between 7th January and 22nd January, please check our classes listing for when your class is back in the New Year!

This blog has also gone out as a newsletter to our subscribers, if you would like to receive the Powys dance newsletter and information about dance opportunities in Powys then please sign up and join the family!

Find Your Potential

Powys Dance is a charitable organisation that seeks to share the transformational power of dance as far and wide as possible, delivering dance sessions that are fun, creative and ! As we grow our participatory programme, we also need to expand our team of freelance dance practitioners.  We currently deliver weekly term time dance sessions to under 4s and their parent/cares, children, young people, adults, adults with disabilities and older adults across the county. Our programme is expanding quickly with workshops and classes delivered in community and school settings, and we would like to expand our team of freelance practitioners from September 2018.

We recognise that there are many routes through to dance teaching, and that’s why we would like to hear from you:

  • If you trained in dance years ago and are feeling rusty;

  • If you’ve come to dance later in life or not received formal training but are enthusiastic about developing your skills and practice;

  • If you have specialist skills in a dance genre but are seeking to broaden your practise;

  • If you’re a young dancer not formally trained but seeking a career in dance;

  • If you’ve got experience of leading aerobic or dance fitness sessions (e.g FitSteps, Zumba) and would like to enhance your creative dance skills.

There are also professional performance opportunities available, working on our science + dance touring productions.

What we can offer:

Training opportunities and mentoring support so that you can feel confident delivering sessions for Powys Dance.

We pay £26 per hour for session delivery, plus travel expenses.

For an informal chat and to find out more, contact our Participation Manager Louise Prosser on 07989 356690 or email

Go on, make dance your life!

New Term News!

With the recent weather situation it has barely felt like Spring let alone be it time to start our Summer Term of dance classes with you all, but here we are, with evenings getting lighter, and the hint of sun beaming in through the studio windows, we're excited to dance with you all the way up to the Summer holidays!

All adult dance classes start back this week, w/b 9th April!

This includes our brand new regular tap dance session for adults at the Dance Centre in Llandrindod Wells, every Tuesday 7 - 8pm. After a series of tasters we've decided to do a term of Tap Dance, so if you've ever wanted to properly give it a go or dabbled a bit when you were younger and would like to get back into it, this could be a great opportunity to start!

Carolyn, who runs the session is wonderful and is so excited to ignite your passion for Tap!

All Children's classes start back next week, w/b 16th April!

This includes our Big Fish Little Fish sessions for Parents/ Carers and their under 4's and all other Powys Dance classes for under 18's

Dance Centre Llandrindod Sessions

As ever please check with the individual tutor for start dates as some run throughout the year, others have termly breaks like us!

We have a new Yoga session happening on Friday evenings at the Dance Centre, 6 - 7.10pm led by a lovely instructor called May, see contact details below!

As ever, please get in touch if you want more information on ANY classes either led by Powys Dance or at the Dance Centre!

Could you get on board with Powys Dance?

Here at Powys dance we are actively seeking new board members to join us as we look ahead to another year of dynamic and exciting community dance work in Powys, and beyond!

Before becoming a charity and before ever needing a board I think it's safe to say we held a rather outdated view in our minds of what a board of trustees was and looked like and I can imagine many of you reading this may think the same and that perhaps you're not trustee material yourselves?

Well that's where you could be wrong....

The glorious Jessie Barstow joined our board right at the very beginning and she is as you might say a 'first timer' (first time being on a board!).

We wanted her to give her own perspective on being a trustee for Powys Dance, and we adore the way she writes.....

It is easy to imagine a board of trustees as our friends in Hollywood would have us see it; serious faces, dressed in serious suits, with decades of heaped experience and an absolute nose for business and profit. I had this in mind when Amanda first approached me to be a board member, I wasn’t ready to take this lofty move into strategic leadership, was I?!

For the first couple of meetings I sat fairly quiet and took it all in. I expressed an opinion from time to time but let others lead. Gradually I found my voice and my place within the group which, to my surprise, wasn’t solely within the remit of my day to day marketing job. We were working as a team and discussion is at the very heart of any successful collective working towards a common goal. Be that the structure of the organisation, the finances, the opportunities, the staff or a myriad of other topics in between.

What I discovered was that being a board member of Powys Dance is not weighted by age and business experience. It is OK and in fact, indeed important, to say you don’t understand something or you want something clarified. There is no need to be a part of every move, but to act as a measured voice adding to the discussions and decisions when you can and want to.

Eighteen months on, I have had the pleasure of not only watching Powys Dance blossom into a charity that has its staff, freelancers, participants and the wider community at the core of every decision that is made but I can claim to have been a part of the journey.

To those who are thinking of applying then I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the position - where you feel you lack you will find you will grow and if you want to make a difference, you will find you actually can. You will be surrounded by other passionate professionals, working towards connecting the people of Powys and beyond with this hugely beneficial, community-driven and fun art form.

We need more voices, in particular, those with a background or understanding of finance, legal, HR, strategic planning, IT or business operations. If you have worked in an art or dance environment that is fantastic but not prerequisite - we want varied voices.

Apply now, it’ll only take you 10 minutes and it will open doors and be a lot of fun

So you won't just be becoming another lovely face on our board, (because they are rather lovely) but an integral voice in the shaping of Powys Dance, and an important member of the team.




Spring Term 2018

2018 is here!

We want to make this year memorable, we want to say yes to brave opportunities, be bold and above all enjoy ourselves, and we want to encourage you to do it all with us!

Our new term starts on Monday 15th January, with all our sessions starting back that week for an exciting 9 week term.

If you've often thought about coming along to a class there is no better time to start than now, perhaps for you or your child, neighbour or friend, whoever you know, let them know!

This is Powys Dance, pass it on!

North Powys Classes

You can drop in to any session or give us a call if you have any queries, we love to talk about dance!



South Powys Classes



Mid Powys Classes


NEW For 2018!

After a successful series of adult dance taster sessions last term we are pleased to offer a regular adult dance class starting Tuesday 23rd January. We kick things off with 3 weeks of tap dance for any budding tappers out there! 7 - 8pm at the Dance Centre, £4/£3.50 per session!

If any of the above take your fancy then don't hesitate to get in touch!

 If there is a session you like but it's not in your area then it's always worth dropping us a call, we are always looking to set new sessions up if the circumstances are right!


Dancing past the big 5-Oh!

Did anyone else see this research last week? It takes a look at movement and physical activity for the over 50's as a way of keeping not just our bodies healthy and happy but for overall general health and well- being.

Senior Moment(um) our over 50's dance class in Llandrindod Wells.

Senior Moment(um) our over 50's dance class in Llandrindod Wells.

We've all seen it before, we know that different types of physical activity can help keep us healthy well into our older years but what really talks to us in this article is how the different aspects of physical activity can improve different areas of health. 

This is an area of our work we are extremely passionate about shouting from the rooftops, that dance is so much more than just a physical experience - don't get us wrong it is an exciting physical experience, but the other benefits are endless!

Just some benefits of dance

Just some benefits of dance

Below is information regarding a brand new dance session for health and well- being in partnership with Ponthafren in Welshpool and some information for our flagship over 50's dance groups, we have one in the North of Powys and one in the South, always warm and welcoming to newcomers, whether you've had plenty of dance experience or none. As you've seen above, you can get so much from these dance sessions and it is so much more than what you think, so why not pop along to meet the groups and dance leaders, your new social group is just waiting to meet you!





New Term Ahoy!

Our own classes in Llandrindod Wells, Llanfair Caereinion and Llanelwedd start back in the week beginning Monday 12th September.  All classes are drop in - just turn up - or you can save 15% by paying for the term in our new online shop. 

We can't wait to get the dancing started again!

Dahl Dances despite drizzle!

Let the dancing commence!

Let the dancing commence!

It was a joy to kick off our family dance project, DAHL DANCES today in mizzly drizzly Newtown.  Sadly, three of our participant families had emailed in sick, but we're hoping they recover later in the week and join the fun! 

Sean warmed us up with some games and then we had a go drawing our favourite Dahl images from his stories.  This meant we got the chance to doodle Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry! 

We then began to create some moves in our family groups, led by the youngest family members, who then did a great job of teaching the other participants the moves. 

With plenty of breaks for sandwiches, it was an easy-going creative morning. 

As we're in Powys, we do have a plan B if the weather is truly awful, which is to escape to a nearby church hall.  However on Monday afternoons the Newtown Sequence Dance group have a tea dance there.  We decided to go along and see what moves we could pick up! 

Sean King learning to sequence dance. 

Sean King learning to sequence dance. 

It was a fast paced first hour with lessons in the Sirrocco Rumba, White City Waltz and the Melody Foxtrot (aren't the names wonderfully evocative?). 

Check out this move!

Check out this move!

We invited the group to come along to our sharing event at the Park outside Oriel Davies on Friday to show some of their dances. 

The group meets every Monday, 1pm to 4pm at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall and is £2 for an hour's lesson and a social dance, including a much needed mid way tea and biscuit. 

As for the Dahl Dances gang, tomorrow morning we're aiming to make some masks and other props, with some dancing in the afternoon.  It's not to late to join us!  We meet at 10am at Oriel Davies, or if you arrive later, just ask at the reception desk for details of where we are.  Dahl Dances is free, but adults, you must come with a child and vice versa - this is a something to do as a family.  We hope to see you there! 





You're Having a Laugh!

We've teamed up with Mid Powys Mind and their Knighton Friday Group to run a series of drop in dance sessions at Knighton's Community Centre.  These will be open to all adults and have an emphasis on dancing for fun.  

The first session is Friday 12th August, and costs £4 - - just turn up, or get in touch if you'd like to know more. 

Come and Dancewith Powys Dance (4).jpg





Can we dance Dahl?

Just back from a meeting with the lead dance artist on our Dahl Dances family summer school in the Oriel Davies park, Newtown.  It was thrilling to see check the park out, and discover some great nooks and crannies for dancing fun! 

When we ask people what they'd like to us to do, they mostly say "things that we can do as a family, that are cheap and free!" - so hear it is, a week long dance project, outdoors, that you can do with all the family; that is indeed, FREE!

We've very pleased to be welcoming Sean to Powys - he shares with us a passion for collaborating with participants to make a unique creative works.  We're hoping that by the end of the week we'll have created some sort of performance in the park. 

We're also glad to be partnering Oriel Davies on this project, and during the summer, their own art workshops will be making masks and props for our performance.  We cannot wait!  If you think you'd like to join us for the week beginning Monday 22nd August, then find out more and book online here

Lead artist, Sean King. 

Lead artist, Sean King. 



Half Term Funk.

If you're aged between 7 - 12 years then why not join us as we go old school with a day of funk and hip hop!

Taking place on Wednesday 17th February (half term!) at the Dance Centre in Llandrindod Wells.

Check out the poster below for more information, only 10 places left, nab one now before it's to late!

What do the Youth do?

We have been working with our Builth Youth dancers to create their own duets this term, thinking not just about dancing with a partner, but using your partner to create and influence movement. Here are Meg and Caitlen starting to experiment with some ideas! [wpvideo tPgfM38E]

Builth Youth Dance, Mondays 5.45 - 6.45pm, at the Jubilee Hall, Llanelwedd.

Gathering Senior Moment(um)

Senior Moment(um) is the name of our programme of dance for adults with 50+ years life experience, and this year we've expanded our classes into Welshpool. These are lively and varied drop in dance sessions for all abilities. The groups also enjoy socialising over coffee afterwards and the occasional performance opportunity in Cardiff!


Dawns Powys Dance Quick Steps Forward as Independent Charity with Launch Party

Having recently registered as a charity, we celebrated a new dawn with an energetic launch showcase on Thursday 17th September. The open door event was devised to celebrate the success of the past 30 years but also present a clear vision for the future.  In attendance were Chris Davies MP, Ken Skates AM, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Cllr Barry Thomas, leader of the Council and a host of arts organisations and Dawns Powys Dance participants.

Two Llandrindod High students, Carys Power and Elleah Smith performed a duet, preceded by impassioned speeches made by Ken Skates AM, local business owner and Dawns Powys Dance trustee Elwyn Davies, Amanda Griffkin, Director of Dawns Powys Dance and Cllr Graham Brown, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member with responsibility for Culture at Powys County Council.

In his speech Ken Skates AM said, “It is a pleasure for me to be here today at the launch of Dawns Powys Dance as an Independent Charitable Organisation, as it moves forward on the next stage of its journey as one of Wales’ most exciting and reinvigorated dance companies.”

The Minister went on to comment, “The transition that you have gone through in moving from an in-house service to a charity is something that a number of other authorities in Wales would do well to look towards. You should really congratulate yourselves.”

The transformation from Local Authority-run service to an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation has taken over a year, to ensure the smooth transition which would enable  Dawns Powys Dance to commit to continuing to deliver classes, performances and exhibition dances without interruption.

Jennifer Owen-Adams, Director of Teach First Cymru and Chair of the Board of Trustees comments:

“Since the very first board meeting we have been driven by a shared vision to ‘get more people dancing’, we have approached each task with that in mind.  We’ve also been working closely with the Director Amanda, key stakeholders, Powys County Council, Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations and independent consultants, which has enabled us to make a great leap forward in the organisation’s history.  We are united in our desire to continue to provide opportunities for more people to make, create and watch dance together as families, as communities, as friends and as schools.”

The launch was followed by the announcement that Dawns Powys Dance has been included in the provisional portfolio of Revenue Funded Organisations (RFOs) drawn up by the Arts Council of Wales, for the period 2016 - 2019.

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