Fio: The Mountaintop


Fio: The Mountaintop

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'The Mountaintop' is the fictional depiction of Martin Luther King's last night on Earth. In his motel room in Memphis, King is visited by Camae, a maid on a much greater mission than delivering his coffee.

Gripping, relevant and often humorous Katori Hall's The Mountaintop won an Olivier for Best New Drama.

Fio are a dynamic Theatre Company based in Cardiff

Running time 90 minutes

Location: Dance Centre, Llandrindod Wells |  Date: 3rd October 2017 | Time: 6.30pm  |  Ticket price includes a 20p booking fee.

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With vivid theatrical imagination and powerful emotion, playwright Katori Hall beautifully fictionalizes the final hours of Dr. King’s life in this drama about leadership, legacy and mortality.  The play explores themes of poverty, racism and the way to deal with impending death. Katori examines the world then and the world now. Asking the audience: How much has really changed?

The Mountaintop Director, Abdul Shayek said;

The Mountaintop spoke to me in way no other play had for some time now.  It provoked a number of emotions within me, from amusement to anger and frustration. I’d like to achieve that with our audiences and start a wider conversation around race, prejudice and importantly the need for us to embrace each other's differences.

This will also be one of the very few times when we have an all black cast on a stage in Wales, something which is absolutely mind boggling, not because it is being done now, but because it is 2017 and the fact that this hasn't happened more often makes me frustrated and sad. To tour this production during Black History Month across Wales makes me very proud of the company and hope that audiences across Wales are ready to be a part of the conversation.” 



Fio is a Cardiff based theatre company working across the UK and internationally, bringing world class socio-political stories to local audiences. Everyone has a story to tell, and each individual is as important as the next. Together, Fio makes theatre that celebrates individuality, tearing down stereotypes and offering everybody a chance to make their mark in the world.